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Roswell, Netflix and Craft

My daughters and I just discovered Netflix and their extensive lists of TV shows. Yay! :) Movies are one of the best ways to understand the process of telling a story. You can see the beginning, middle and ending all in about two hours. And in there you watch the development of character, setting and plot.

Expanding on this is the … Read More »

The Publishing Pie

This is a fascinating talk given by Margaret Atwood at Tools Of Change (TOC) 2011. What a beautiful, gracious lady. I love her slideshow pictures. :)

She brings up a lot of valid points about publishing. Now, in my opinion, as an author, there are many aspects of putting a book out that interest me, and there are many … Read More »

Fated by Rebecca Zanetti

On Feb. 22nd, friend and chapter mate, Rebecca Zanetti, launched her intriguing debut vampire romance, Fated!

View the trailer on You Tube!

This classy function was at Gourmet Way off of Government Way in Hayden, Idaho. Surrounded by flowers, chocolate and every kitchen tool you can imagine, (Not to mention the wine tasting in back…) Rebecca signed a … Read More »

Writing Resources

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with, well, the thoughts in my head are one LOL, but with the offerings available in the world. So many things I want to learn and do but couldn’t possibly live long enough to accomplish.

Another thing is all the resources available to writers. We check out the local library, scan shelves that offer maybe … Read More »