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JLH news thanks to Croco Designs!

I can finally post a blog again after all the confusion with my missing post editor. Thank you Croco!

Very soon, I will also have  a new look and be better integrated with the rest of my social media. I cannot wait! Stay tuned for all the changes. :)

In the meantime, let me fill you in on the last year … Read More »

The Sanction Chronicles

Sanction is a town where all peoples paranormal live and thrive. We have vampires, werewolves, witches, humans, ghosts, trolls, hellhounds and more! This YA project will be accessible digitally with print coming soon, beginning in September. In the meantime, come meet some of the teens that live their lives in this crazy place here:


Though not nearly finished … Read More »

International Friedreich’s Ataxia Collaboration

[show_avatar email=email hidden; JavaScript is required align=left avatar_size=87] This has to be the most ambitious, challenging idea I have ever participated in. At this time, we have 7 authors from 4 different countries who speak 3 different languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. We are writing a novel featuring at least one character with FA with the hopes … Read More »