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How to Google Calendar

Happy New Year!

All families are busy. Sometimes, even just one person is so busy that keeping track of each project/class/appointment/event/holiday/birthday etc. gets incredibly overwhelming. For a few years, my husband (the only driver in our household) carried a planner and multiple colored pens to color code for each of us. In addition, we put a large desk pad/calendar on … Read More »

April Fool’s!

I think there is one story that will forever be our favorite April Fool’s Day Story. Our daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor the day after Thanksgiving. She was eight. She was immediately admitted to the hospital and not released until her 9th birthday, Christmas Eve. She went back in on New Year’s Eve, had a port for chemo … Read More »

Valentine’s Day

I was just informed that taking kids on a Valentine’s date is “Eww”. Who told me this? A teenager. And now I am kinda blown away. When did this happen?

I have gotten used to being Mom. I have spent so many Valentine and Anniversary dates with my kids. We go out for a family date with dinner, a movie, … Read More »