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New Cover for Cursed!!

We have a cover and a release date! Woohoo! I am so excited. And currently adding new info all over the website, so stay tuned. In the mean time, what do you think? I wish I knew who this model was. The man has gorgeous eyes!

December 2, 2008


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Lewis & Clark Alumni

First, history: growing up, I went to 15 schools. 5 elementary, 5 jr high, 5 high school. I wish a parent in the military was the excuse, but no. I never stayed at one school for more than one year. Twice were 3 schools in one year. Then I stopped at the last high school and announced, that was it. Read More »

2008 More than Magic finalist!

Betrayed has made it to the final round in the paranormal category of the 2008 More than Magic contest! I am so excited! My first contest as a published author. *snoopydance*

Also, Poisoned sold at the Candlelighter’s dinner auction, 2 copies for $130 each! That’s almost enough to fill the snack basket at the clinic for a whole month! Or, … Read More »

Thank you, everyone!

I love all those stories! The picnic, Bruce Springsteen concert, kissing all those troopers! LOL Had to be fun. Yesterday, Craig made waffles for breakfast and chicken fajitas for dinner. Yum. In between, we visited a few antiques stores that we’d always wanted to look around in. Several were more junk or just old junk with a few cool items. … Read More »

Happy 14th, My Love!!

I can’t wait to spend the day with you tomorrow. :)

I love our wedding anniversary. It’s so funny, though. Everyone was worried it would rain too much for our outdoor reception and the whole day ended up smokin’ hot. I had a beautiful Cinderella dress with a high collar and lots of hand crocheted appliqueing. My mother did the most … Read More »


A book of poems about life, love, loss and cancer written by 13 year old childhood cancer survivor Thalon Marie-Leigh Hansen has just been sent to print at Thalon is donating the first, hardbound copy to the annual Candlelighters’ dinner party this year, on April 25th.

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Happily Ever After!!!

It feels so wonderful to have my website back again! I’ve spent the last several hours working on the content of several pages. I’ll be adding more soon. At the moment, I’ll be happy to see links working. :)

As I was working, I came across a discussion of the “rule” for happily ever after in romance. As usual, there were … Read More »

Launch Party Success!!

    I want thank you for all your support and faith in Jamie’s writing. It has paid off fully. Today’s party went great. We sold a total of 71 copies of Betrayed! I cannot even express how proud of my beautiful wife I am!! She has worked so Hard and come so Far. Hopefully the next book will not be as Read More »

Woohoo! Betrayed is out!

It’s January 2nd and Betrayed has hit the shelves. I’m so excited. I’ll be going up to Borders tonight so I can see them on the shelves myself. :)  I can’t wait! 

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Bonnie Hamre

** I rolled for the winner of my newsletter contest. It was Miracle Child. LOL She decided to give up her spot so someone less likely to see the book every day could win. :)  So, email hidden; JavaScript is required please send me an email. :) ** 

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