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Bonnie Hamre

** I rolled for the winner of my newsletter contest. It was Miracle Child. LOL She decided to give up her spot so someone less likely to see the book every day could win. :)  So, email hidden; JavaScript is required please send me an email. :) ** 

Bonnie Hamre is the very talented writer of contemporary, historical, paranormal and … Read More »

Patrice Moore

I’d like to introduce my good friend, Patrice Moore. She is also a member of my local RWA chapter, She pitched her great books to Wild Rose Press this year and started selling like ice cream in the summer. :)  We are very proud of her.  Here’s the two books she has available now.  :)

Saving Grace by Patrice Moore

Saving Grace

Detective Patrick Hess … Read More »

Put the Happy in your New Year!

I’m not an excessively superstitious person. I don’t walk under ladders because they’d likely fall on me. I love black cats and have two. They have a lot of white on them, but they were free, so hey. That works. But, in 2002, right before the end of the year, I read a comment that stuck with me. At first, … Read More »

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I’ve read some really great comments in my spam blocker. Unfortunately, they come with credit card offers and mortgage loans and, of course, the ever present offers of granny and Paris Hilton porn. I absolutely do not comprehend the purpose of spam like this. Does anyone actually click on these links??? Well, to those who’ve posted genuine comments, Thank You … Read More »

RWA National

For those not in the know, this is the biggest conference for members of Romance Writers of America. For those in the know, you’ll probably sympathize with me that I can’t go. Waaah!

Okay, crying fit over. I’ll make it to my first one next year if I have to drive my scooter from Washinton to Dallas, TX, plugging it … Read More »


Here are some pictures of where I spent the weekend. Our friends held the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen, and they couldn’t have picked a better location than Ruby Creek Lodge in Cusick, Washington. Lots of mountains and clear, blue water and pine trees.

rl2.jpg rl3.jpg rl10.jpg rl11.jpg

rl13.jpg rl14.jpg

Nothing like having a few drinks with your friends while you all sit around Read More »