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Thoughts on Silence

There comes a point in everyone’s life, even though at different ages or stages, in which they need to stop. Put down the phone. Close the laptop. Turn off the TV. And just exist in silence.

Some may need to do this for a weekend or year or, in my case, several years now. I had to slow down, which … Read More »

Interviews: Rebecca Stant and Sarah Allen!

The following two links are the interviews of Rebecca Stant and Sarah Allen now also on BabelFAmily where they will each be translated into 8 languages by BabelFAmily’s amazing team of translators. :)

Rebecca Stant –

Sarah Allen –

I will post links to each new interview as more of our authors join the discussion on The Legacy of … Read More »

Language Isn’t A Boundary!

The interview I did for The Recovering Self is now on . I will be so excited to see this interview translated to several other languages. Anything to raise awareness of Friedreich’s Ataxia and The Legacy of Marie Schlau!
BabelFAmily. Org… Read More »

Excerpt of The Murder King’s Woman

As I near writing the end of The Murder King’s Valentine, I’m getting all excited. I love writing about Mary, so I figured now would be a great time to show you just how cool she is…

So here’s Mary, pretending to be Sasha, a lusty nurse on the prowl during her rescue of the Murder King.


“99 veins Read More »

JLH news thanks to Croco Designs!

I can finally post a blog again after all the confusion with my missing post editor. Thank you Croco!

Very soon, I will also have  a new look and be better integrated with the rest of my social media. I cannot wait! Stay tuned for all the changes. :)

In the meantime, let me fill you in on the last year … Read More »

The Problem with Publishing/Producing – John Doe (TV Series)

Viewer and Reader frustration…

Craig and I often get caught by different ads and commercials for tv shows. What looks interesting? Quite often it all is interesting, downright fascinating. The problem comes from schedules. How many of our parents and grandparents, and for years, us and our children had to make sure we were home by 7 or 8 for … Read More »

The Sanction Chronicles

Round Robin 1 & 2


I wrote the first round robin introducing readers to the intriguing world of Sanction, NH. In this short story, four male, teen werewolves are trying to beat the other teams in their pack to be the first to catch the girl witches in their annual summer celebration as they dance and chant and, hopefully, Read More »

Piracy vs. Censorship

I realize there are some things I should not look at because it is guaranteed to piss me off. But there are times I can’t seem to help myself.

This is for the benefit of all the lazy, internet morons who believe everything should be theirs for free, even when it belongs to someone else. Thank you to … Read More »

127 Hours

Yesterday the family watched the movie, 127 Hours. The movie is based on mountain climber, Aron Ralston’s autobiography, which I have not read. I didn’t really want to see the movie because I knew it would make me sad and sick, watching with that knot I get in the pit of my stomach. Kinda like Buried with Ryan Reynolds.… Read More »

Ride Ataxia Fundraiser


Ride Ataxia Fundraiser Page

Here are two wonderful links to information about Ride Ataxia. A fundraiser supporting FA research. These participants are riding three-wheeled trikes for thousands of miles. It’s so amazing. I want to do this one day. So far, I have never used a trike, but it looks like loads of fun. :)Read More »