The Murder King’s Woman

Murder Tales: An exciting new series of short stories by

Jamie Leigh Hansen


Murder Tales: An all new series of short stories by Jamie Leigh Hansen


When The Murder King’s Woman was originally published in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2, I was so excited. I sat right there in Barnes and Noble, taking pictures of the pretty cover.

The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2 on release day.


The Murder King’s Woman is about Mary, a human girl whose family was killed during a family camping trip when she was a child. The rogue vampire responsible for destroying her life was hunted and killed by no less than Sebastian, the Murder King himself. Leading his warrior Crows, a mix of vampires and werewolves, Sebastian and the Murders purpose is to hunt and eradicate the rogues of paranormal kind, keeping their existence secret and bringing safety to their races – it is not to raise the children of human victims. But Mary was too old, her trauma too ingrained, for her to forget. Even with help. And she was too young to be left to her own devices. Mary was brought home and raised among them, the only human to live among them. But now Sebastian has been taken and the only chance he has is the human pet no one believes in.

As I looked at the pretty pages, this nagging feeling that had been pulling at me all year returned. Mary wasn’t finished telling me her story. She’s a strong woman with definite plans for her future and just enough of a past for it to haunt her. So I started writing that day. When I finished the sequel, The Murder King’s Summons, I learned another important fact. I still wasn’t done.

Damn mouthy character hasn’t given me peace since. LOL Therefore, we have reached a compromise. I will write Mary’s journey piece by piece and release it in digital form. The sequel has now become Murder Tales 2: The Murder King’s Summons, and will be released later in December 2011. Keep a look out for:

Murder Tales 2: The Murder King's Summons by Jamie Leigh Hansen

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