April Fool’s!

I think there is one story that will forever be our favorite April Fool’s Day Story. Our daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor the day after Thanksgiving. She was eight. She was immediately admitted to the hospital and not released until her 9th birthday, Christmas Eve. She went back in on New Year’s Eve, had a port for chemo installed over her heart and underwent her first chemo treatment as she watched fireworks from her perfectly placed hospital room. Fast forward a year and a half…

4-1-05 was the last day of chemo. She’d completely planned to go in and pull a joke with the nurses, pretending the access really hurt despite all the numbing cream they put on. Well, that backfired. It really, truly hurt. April Fool’s!

Well, after having our holidays hijacked for a year and a half, we have finally approached a normal life. It’s that bright light in front of us, right? LOL

Yeah, she’s not doing that again

Happy 6th Anniversary, my lovely little girl!

Jamie – finally done being sick and dropping everything until I felt better :)

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