Valentine’s Day

I was just informed that taking kids on a Valentine’s date is “Eww”. Who told me this? A teenager. And now I am kinda blown away. When did this happen?

I have gotten used to being Mom. I have spent so many Valentine and Anniversary dates with my kids. We go out for a family date with dinner, a movie, and a trip to the bookstore where everyone gets at least one book. When did they get too old for that?

Does this bother me? Not exactly. It’s a wonderful thing to spend my time on double dates with friends and, always, alone with my husband. But it’s so strange. I know there comes a time when they grow up and move out. I have a couple more years for that, though. But now, the girls are not dating anyone and yet, they don’t want to go on dates with mom and dad. Not even for the chance to go to a movie or a book. And I’m just flabberghasted.

You mean it’s time it’s time to grow up and move on to the next level of parenting already? Am I ready for this?

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