We are updated!!!!

It took about 11 hours yesterday and a couple today, but every page has received an update and is in full working order (I hope). I have also added to the Scriptorium the cover, back blurb and a link to the prologue and first chapter of Cursed! I hope you enjoy. :) Please feel free to comment if you want to discuss the excerpt or pretty much anything. :)

Damned Writing Progress:

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12990 / 110,000

One comment to “We are updated!!!!”

  1. AmyC
     · June 13th, 2008 at 2:39 pm · Link

    Hi Jamie,
    I picked up Betrayed a few weeks ago and am reading it now. What a great concept for the plot and you have an amazing writing voice!

    I stopped by to see if Alex was book two and sure enough! That’s awesome.