Lewis & Clark Alumni

First, history: growing up, I went to 15 schools. 5 elementary, 5 jr high, 5 high school. I wish a parent in the military was the excuse, but no. I never stayed at one school for more than one year. Twice were 3 schools in one year. Then I stopped at the last high school and announced, that was it. I had 2 years left and I wasn’t freaking budging. I didn’t care who was pissed about it.

So my last 2 years were the longest I’d ever stayed at any one school. Today, while doing research for my next book (because the series is based in Spokane) I went to my old high school’s website and alumni, hoping to find a few uniform pics. Here’s what I found:


I am still teary eyed. I belong somewhere. And, I’m distinguished.

PS: Writing news! The proposal for Damned is complete, being polished and ready to mail tomorrow! Yippee!

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