Thank you, everyone!

I love all those stories! The picnic, Bruce Springsteen concert, kissing all those troopers! LOL Had to be fun. Yesterday, Craig made waffles for breakfast and chicken fajitas for dinner. Yum. In between, we visited a few antiques stores that we’d always wanted to look around in. Several were more junk or just old junk with a few cool items. However, the one that was our favorite, was full of old furniture.

Bed sets with headboard and footboard and dressers. Vanities with large mirrors. Gentleman’s drawer sets with two low drawers, a long mirror and a hat box. But I fell in love with the steamer trunks and hope chests. I cracked him up because if it was a box, I had to open it. Same with drawers. lol

But they had the most gorgeous old fashioned writing tables that flipped closed at an angle and opened to reveal sectional pieces and small drawers. One of the tables had a glassed in bookcase for a back drop and when the lid started to open, to long pieces of wood would slide out to support the table part and slide back when the lid closed. Gorgeous.

Then there was this Chinese apothecary chest. About 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide and one foot thick, it had around a hundred small drawers. There were 2 slots per drawer and on the outside it each drawer was marked with Chinese symbols. If we’d had Craig’s cell phone, we definitely would have taken pics.

Then there were the books. We fell in love. Unfortunately, they were mixed in with obviously new ones, like some of Dr. Phil’s, but there was a 1915 printing of Return to Tarzan by Zane Grey. Two of those and one in really good shape. Little kids beginning reading primers. Cloth-bound hardbacks with no copyright date in them. Longfellow, the Song of Hiawatha and many more.

There was a 1939 yearbook from close to Spokane with letters and an invitation to the 50th reunion inside. The outside binding was made of metal and it would have been so wonderful If I was writing a historical set in that time period. And there was this pretty lavender, decorated book called Princess.

I love that store. And I found out how fascinated by older books Craig is. Trust me, his love of books is a big change and definite growth since high school. :) It was awesome knowing we could share it. Too bad my wheelchair wouldn’t get me into the old bookstore around the corner. Too many steps.

But I think we need to learn a lot about old books before we start collecting any. Like, what does it mean if it doesn’t have a copyright? What if there is a leathery paper binding? Lots to learn. lol

What is your favorite hobby?

Also, chosen by number of years married, the 3 winners of a free copy of Betrayed are:

Alexis Morgan – 34 years

Vicky Burkholder – 35 years

Katherine Allred – 41 years

All of you ladies are an absolute inspiration. :) So are you, Ann Roth. :) Over 20 is huge.

Ladies, please contact me at: email hidden; JavaScript is required for your prizes. :)

Thank you all for celebrating our anniversary with us. :)

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