A book of poems about life, love, loss and cancer written by 13 year old childhood cancer survivor Thalon Marie-Leigh Hansen has just been sent to print at Lulu.com. Thalon is donating the first, hardbound copy to the annual Candlelighters’ dinner party this year, on April 25th.

For anyone who does not know about Candlelighters, I’ve blogged about them before and they can be found in the Cancer category in my blog archives. They are an organization designed to aid families through as many of the trials and tribulations of dealing with childhood cancer as possible. They provide snack baskets at the clinic for the children to eat when they’re at the hospital all day. $300 provides a snack basket for a month.

They also provide $25 gas cards, an invaluable tool with today’s gas prices. When Thalon was in treatment, we drove everywhere five days a week. We live in the middle of town and we drove to all the extremes for the different therapies, pool, physical, occupational, chemo, speech, etc. Insurance required only 1 therapy a day so the five days a week is no exaggeration. Gas was a nightmare.

Candlelighters also supports the Ronald McDonald house and Family Room in the Children’s Hospital. They provide food to families suddenly moved in for a week or more. Laundry services. Beds to sleep in. Comfortable areas to sit and try to feel at home.

I can’t say enough how proud I am of my kid. :) She’s done such a great job. Put her heart and soul into these poems.


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