Merry Christmas!

Every year I swear to myself I’ll be all caught up by Christmas (Okay, for me, Christmas begins the night of Thanksgiving. :)) and ready to relax and enjoy my favorite time of year. No such luck this year.  I am determined to have more than 5 days free and clear, however.

Betrayed is ramping up for an incredible release. I heard today there is buzz!  Ha!  I am so happy.  That one word put me in mind of an energizing massage. So very exciting. The January 5th launch party at Borders is looking good with pizza and prizes and, of course, me signing the book. This is so amazing. We are now down to 30 days until the January 2nd release!  It’s almost ready to share with the world!

After 6 years of solid work on Betrayed, it’s almost unbelievable. :)

In the meantime, book 2 has been renamed. The new title is Cursed.  That one change has really helped me focus where I was taking Alex and Elizabeth’s story. I am truly having fun. It seems the second draft is where I really hit my stride. :)

Now here is something I found thanks to one of my new favorite authors, Keri Arthur:

Cursed Progress:    

Cursed Progress



* I just have to keep reminding myself whenever I get discouraged this is the second draft and I have 115k from the first draft to draw from, not only new words I have to write.

** Update **

1804 words. While not a record and not a large jump in numbors, they were all newly written words and 3 of the most powerful scenes. Tonight was good work. Now, sleep. Before I pass out.


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