Merry Christmas!

We always celebrate Christmas a bit differently here. With the our youngest, the Miracle Child, born on Christmas Eve and the Chosen One (my new name for the oldest since I’ve always considered her the daughter of my heart.) going home to spend Christmas Day with her mom, (So we try to make sure she has a few days to enjoy her gifts.) we have learned to enjoy being un-traditional.

So, at 1 a.m. (we always seem to do stuff in the a.m.-except sleep.) on Thursday/Friday we opened the gifts dh and I have been gathering all month. Books on drawing, calligraphy, middle school and for fun reading books. Journals and sketchbooks and just a few not-books. Calligraphy pens, Inuyasha season 3 & 4, and of course the Miracle Child had her birthday party. We bought her Sims 2: Bon Voyage and Sims 2: Teen Style Stuff and a few other things. (Wrapping Book 1 & book 4 of a series for her birthday and books 2 & 3 for Christmas was sooo funny!) So, seriously, two Anime seasons, two computer games, one set of calligraphy pens and the rest books. And they were ecstatic!  I love having children who love books!

Oh, funny story- DH picked out this really great book of designs. Dragons, celtic knots, really fascinating designs for them to trace or learn to freehand. We thought it would be a great addition to the girls’ drawing and calligraphy books. We’d also thought of giving it to the tattoo artist in the family, but decided to add it to the girls’ pile. It was a gift for both of them. So, the youngest opened it. The oldest leaned over and said, “What’s that?” The youngest whispers back, “It’s a coloring book.” They both giggle.

Okay. LOL

It’s been a lot of fun buying for them this year. We thought about it and hit sales and had lists instead of waiting for this weekend to go shopping.  We had wrapped presents in bright, metallic papers under the tree all month.  It was fun.

Wednesday we celebrated with my family. Today we celebrated with dh’s family.  Just one more to go, then we plan to see National Treasure on Christmas Eve (Miracle Child’s birthday wish) and then sit around and enjoy life at home on Christmas Day. The years of running around during the holidays, trying to pack a million special things into two days are over for our family and I love it!  :)

We’ll be watching some of our gifts, reading or writing or drawing in others for Christmas. DH, wonderful man, bought me Supernatural season 2! And Miracle Child bought me the loveliest hand cream and scented bath salts. My wonderful caregiver bought me nail care stuff and dh Black Snake Moan, which we have been in love with since we first saw it right before his birthday. We bought her a lovely Dragon oils burner with the Hazelnut Cream scent she loves.

We love giving gifts at Christmas. We love having a tree full of lights to brighten the dark days, hung with ornaments that are each special-handmade by grandmas, dated for our years as a family in our own home, symbolic of special travels like the in-laws trip to Alaska and our Wish trip to Disney World, or the ornament celebrating the December wedding of dh’s little brother. Our whole family is on that tree.

Personally, I’m still working out the whole “Jesus was actually born in September” “December 25 celebrates the pagan sun god” thing.  There are so many spiritual, religious things that have thrown me for a loop in my adulthood. Sunday isn’t the Sabbath?  I didn’t learn this until a few years after high school?  I found a great website with interesting articles. I would love to hear, in comments or in private at email hidden; JavaScript is required what other people think of this:

In the meantime, whatever your personal faith, I hope you enjoy the season with whatever traditions or non-traditions you and your family have made for yourselves. :)

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