Bonnie Hamre

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Bonnie Hamre is the very talented writer of contemporary, historical, paranormal and erotic romance. Valued with five publishers, Ellora’s Cave, Cerridwen Press, Red Sage, Ima Jinn books and Whiskey Creek Press, Bonnie has published at least 20 incredible novels. I won’t picture all of them here, in the hopes you visit her website at, but I will share some of my favorites. 

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Unspoken Promises
Bonnie Hamre

Unspoken Promises By Bonnie Hamre
Grief-stricken Mollie Andersen is returning to her California roots following the tragic deaths of her husband and daughter, Amy. At an isolated rest stop, she experiences a mysterious blackout, awakening alone and frightened.
Mollie stumbles across what she thinks is a reenactment group, and refuses to believe their claim to be a wagon company following the 1847 California Trail. Even as they offer her protection from the harsh Nevada desert, the emigrants are suspicious of her. With the help of rugged widower Ford Hunter, Mollie reluctantly accepts she is no longer in her own time. Mollie cries for Amy. Ford, facing his own challenges on the trail, comforts Mollie, creating a moment of intimacy that propels them into a marriage neither wants.Believing she’s given a second chance at motherhood, Mollie promises to care for Ford and his children until she can return to her own time. The trust between Ford and Mollie deepens, but will their newfound devotion be enough to overcome the differences between them?Or circumvent the forces that threaten to separate them?

Thea’s Goal
Bonnie Hamre

Thea’s Goal By Bonnie HamreA move to a new city and a new museum in search of career advancement as an archivist requires Thea Cooper to prove herself professionally and find new companionship, specifically a new Dominant. Thea yearns for the security of a D/s relationship, yet working hinders her search for a Master.He’s no Indiana, but when Thea needs archaeologist Nick Jones to validate the dating of a medieval golem reputed to have the power to come to life and satisfy all wishes, ancient mystical lore combines with ageless sexual attraction. Once she’s handled the golem, unexplainable and uncanny things happen to Thea, leaving her confused, aroused and curiously unafraid.Nick is not Dom material, but Thea is compelled to discover if he can fulfill her intimate needs. As they pleasurably explore their passion, the mysterious events escalate, placing Thea at risk and threatening their tenuous bond.

Joys of Home
Bonnie Hamre

 EPPIE Finalist, Contemporary Romance

Hannah Martinson knows that marriage is not for her. Linc Adams is barely recovering from his daughter’s death, but when their boss assigns them to a high-profile project, Hannah and Linc face more than an aggressive deadline. Can they work together to achieve their personal dreams as well as professional goals?

Sweet Discipline
Bonnie Hamre

Sweet Discipline By Bonnie Hamre
When Norris Brownell registers at an exclusive diet spa to further her career and salvage her social life, she expects the usual regimen of diet, exercise and behavior modification. However, Adrian, her personal trainer, knows that won’t do. He’s determined to train her to discipline her body and her impulses for more than portion control. He wants her for himself.
She’s initially appalled and resistant to his methods, but as her body slims and her sensual needs expand, she finds herself dealing with cravings that only Adrian can satisfy. Norris may lose much more than just pounds at the hand of her sensual trainer.Note: Sweet Discipline contains multiple scenes of discipline and is not for the faint of heart.

Shiloh Walker , Rachel Bo , Bonnie Hamre

El Trauco By Bonnie Hamre
Isabel O’Shaughnessy dreads a duty call to her aunt on the Chilean island of Chiloé, but her reservations vanish when she learns the local myths and legends, especially El Trauco, a forest troll who seduces and abandons maidens.
When he appears in her dreams, Isabel is enchanted. Her dreams turn erotic and compelling, and she tracks down the troll, who is more than he seems. Their encounter is a lusty fairy tale enhanced by rapturous lovemaking. When El Trauco abandons her, can she overcome the myths and magic to create a happy ending for them both?

Alchemist’s Potion
Bonnie Hamre

Alchemist’s Potion By Bonnie Hamre
Medieval alchemist Julian of Wimborne Minster devotes himself to the search for the Philosopher’s Stone until one day he accidentally creates a magical elixir that transforms his elderly body into the strong, virile man he once was. His hot-blooded nature unleashed, he and his chatelaine, Phillipa of Wareham, a young widow who has taken refuge in his quiet manor, indulge in a lusty and passionate affair.
As Julian and Phillipa explore every carnal need, the demand for his potion increases. He also attracts some unwanted attention, including that of the King of England, who forces Julian to his side.Driven both by his overwhelming need for Phillipa and growing concern for his safety, Julian promises the king the impossible. With Phillipa at his side, his lust may be temporarily slaked, but their lives hang in the balance.








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