Betrayed in 7 days!! Prizes time!

Tomorrow I will introduce my good friend, Bonnie Hamre.  I love this woman.  Today, though, I need to mention…7 days, 7 days, 7 days!!  My first book will be released in 7 days!  Hee hee!  For those of you loyal readers located in Spokane, WA, I will be having a booksigning at Borders on Newport Highway January 5, 2008 from 1-3 p.m. We will have pizza catered by Mr. J’s Take & Bake, though they also cook and deliver. lol And rent movies to go with pizza.

January 5, Saturday.  2 days before my birthday!  This is the best birthday ever!

So, if you live in the Spokane area and are like most of my friends and family and would appreciate a reminder, join my email newsletter. I’ll send out a daily notice for the next 7 days. In that daily notice will be the winner of that day’s drawing. That’s right. I’m celebrating. Over 7 days I will award 7 autographed copies of Betrayed to 7 lucky members of my newsletter list! Join now and you’ll have 7 chances to win.

Yes, I love the number 7.  It goes with January 7, my birthday. :) If you are a member of my family, I want books. lol

Have a great week and enjoy your New Year’s celebrations this weekend. Be safe.


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