Cab rides, The Hyatt and I am a ditz.

Motel 6 was nice, clean and cheap.  Just the way I like ‘em. After getting in after midnight, we decided to just sleep. So, though I am VP of my chapter, I did not go to the President’s retreat. Very bad of me.

Craig and I slept in to 8 am, which was 6 am at home, which was 4 hours before we usually start an “early” day.

We showered and took a ridiculously expensive cab ride to the Hyatt.  I mean, seriously. 20 cents for every 1/9 of a mile? I know gas and wages are expensive, but 1/9th? Then it’s 45 cents if we are stopped at a stoplight? Or in a traffic jam? No wonder movies show New Yorkers always hopping out of cabs and running.

We get to the Hyatt just dreaming of unpacking and taking a nap in our room. Until we discovered I’D ARRIVED A DAY EARLY.

Well, crap.  See why I shouldn’t plan trips?

The room was expensive enough to give me heart palpitations. Then they wanted to charge $5 for a bottle of water? And $80 for incidentals? What incidentals?  Making the bed? Fresh towels? Isn’t that what the first two hundred dollars should have covered? Good Lord. I am a seasoned traveler, but now I know why I prefer to drive.  Well, ride.

While we waited for room arrangements, I checked in to the conference. From there, the trip started looking up. (For future reference, please remember I am short. Even out of my wheelchair.)

Right off, we met Justin and Amy Knupp! They recognized me from my picture!! I’ve had decade-old friends  that have looked at my pic and told me it doesn’t look like me. Of course, they are oblivious to how insulting that is. It’s the best pic I’ve ever taken, yes, but it is me and was taken just last summer.

I made an appointment with Justin to talk about my website and our chapter’s website (which went extremely well.  Justin is awesome.) and we continued about the business of checking in and meeting people.

And, within a few hours, guess what arrived? My bookmarks and business cards! They are so pretty and definitely worth all the work put into them.  I owe a huge thank you to Theresa DeLucci and Megan Barnard at Tor.  :)

The first day passed in a happy blur as we learned our way around and met a few people and settled in to our very nice, comfortably firm but soft beds with their thick feather pillows (since we’d forgotten our pillows, :), this was quite nice. Usually any other pillow gives me a headache, but these weren’t bad at all. We were able to sleep very comfortably all week.  :)

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