As I Promised…

Okay, by now I should know better than to name dates for anything.  My sense of tomorrow is sometime next week.  Or somewhere thereabouts.  I try so hard to make deadlines. I write them on calendars, I make to-do lists, I sneak into my husband’s planner and mark a few things…Nothing works. It’s not because I don’t try to be organized, but because I forget what day it is. (Even though there is a huge calendar on my desktop) Or, because (shocker here) things happen.

My desk consists of my laptop and whatever I can fit on the two cluttered tables on either side of my recliner. There are pictures in the cryptarium. This, seriously, is my work space. If it doesn’t fit, well, that’s what God made piles for.

However, there are a few things I really try to keep track of. One happens to be mailing trackers.  You’d think I’d get smart and insert the tracker in my One Note. (I love One Note. No naming and organizing files through my windows system. No pushing save.  Type it and it’s there.)

Well, the page proofs for Betrayed were misplaced through some comedic (Yeah, right) system of errors. I mailed them, but not to the precisely correct address. They may have even arrived, but not on the desk they were supposed to. Here is where a tracking code is seriously vital.

I can find every tracking code for everything I’ve mailed this year (because sometimes I really am that good. lol) But not for the page proofs. Go fig, right?

So, for the last few days, it’s been all about the page proofs.  I swear, Betrayed is such a demanding little sucker. Every time I think I’m done with it, guess what? Things happen.

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