It’s summer!  Both my kids are out of school.  Last Friday, I was the proud Mama watching her youngest graduate elementary in her beautiful blue formal.  (we’d gotten it for her uncle’s wedding.)  Then Saturday was my oldest’s sweet 16. She just wanted to hang out with family, so we saw Pirates of the Carribean 3 and had dinner with the grandparents.  Father’s Day was simply hanging out at the grandparent’s, also.  It was a really nice, relaxing weekend.  :)

So, I’m still trying to update things for the website.  For some reason, I, who can usually figure out software and web stuff, can-absolutely-not work my way around Go Daddy.  I’ll be finding a new host soon.  One I’ll have an easier time of navigating.  I did send my bookmarks to print and am currently learning Adobe In Design to create a better resolution graphic of my business cards.  I will also be sending out my newsletter, eventually.  LOL 

I hit one of my Friedreich’s Ataxia low-energy points last month.   I’m still catching up on it.  So, I have galleys to get in, pages on book 2 to write, the business cards to design, the newsletter to send out, two gifts I have ready for my newsletter list.  I set something aside and will be choosing 2 winners at random to make up, hopefully, for no newsletter in April or May.

BTW, anyone who will be at RWA National in Dallas this July, come look me up!  I get to go!  **snoopydancing**

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