RWA National and page proofs

Yes!!!!  I am going!!!  It took a lot of hoops, but I am set to go!  I’m so incredibly excited. July 11-15, Dallas, TX with my husband, my agent and my editor!  This is too cool.  Please stop by the literacy autographing, there will be a lot of really wonderful authors there signing awesome books.  I won’t be signing this year as I’m still waiting for my 1st release, but I hope to do so next year!

So, stop by and look for the blonde with a dark red scooter trying not to run everyone over and beeping when she backs up.  LOL

Also, I read the final page proofs for Betrayed last week and they are in the mail and should reach my editor tomorrow!  This is so cool.  So much closer to holding my book in the palm of my hand.  :) 


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