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is late.  This is totally my fault because while I wrote a lot of notes about Geoffrey’s first couple of centuries of life, I haven’t written story 2.  Why?  Precisely the question I keep asking myself.  My mind was so full and busy that my dh actually *told* me to make a list.

Silly man.  Didn’t he know how dangerous that would be?

I am a born list maker.  But, I learned something totally awesome about my list this time.  I am so happy.  See, when most people make a list, they forget things because they are so focused on one area of their lives and the other ones don’t make the list, let alone get done.  But me, being the freak I am, if I want the house clean, I itemize room by room what needs to be done for me to feel “good” about my surroundings.  My kids think I’m a perfectionist.  They are right.  But, the good news is, they *like* lists.  They are able to look at them, divide them up AND limit me to them.

Sneaky brats.  They let me know if it wasn’t on the list, well, that’s my fault.

So, I made a To Do list for myself.  First, I divided it, a column for each role in my life. (Am I the only one who uses a spreadsheet to make my To Do lists?) And they weren’t in a specific order, like importance.  So, I put a column for writing, a column for promotion, a column for RWA (Since I’m VP of and love to volunteer.) a column for Faith and one for Family.

There are my roles.  Wow.  Do you have *any* idea how many years it has taken me to narrow my roles down and keep those specific ones at the top?  It has taken a major amount of dedication and a lot of saying no.

I think that is what I did the last few weeks. I’ve just about finished Copyedits on Betrayed, and sent out the advanced bound manuscripts of Betrayed for reads.  And I’m just about finished with the rough draft of Cinderella’s Shoe.  Of course, then it will need an amazing amount of revisions.  LOL

So, here’s what I plan to do.  In a few days, I will have story #2 and I will share the cover for Betrayed!  I am so excited.

So, until I post the next newsletter, anyone can join my newsletter and be eligible to win April’s prize.  Good luck!  And feel free to write me an email or leave a comment.  :)

 Contest Pic.jpg 

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**TOR books not included** LOL

2 comments to “My newsletter…”

  1. cathryn fox
     · May 4th, 2007 at 5:06 pm · Link

    Hi Jamie,
    Just popping in to say hello. I hear you about list maker. I too am a list maker!! I haven’t done spreadsheets yet, but it sure sounds cool.

  2. Jamie Hansen
     · May 5th, 2007 at 8:22 pm · Link

    Hi Cathryn!
    I learned to divide by roles according to a goal setting book I read. I’d share it if I remembered the name. :) They also did the pie chart with roles so you score yourself at the end of each year and use it to form your new years goals. It souds difficult, but it was pretty cool. :)

    Thanks for popping in.