My Very First Blurb!!!

This is so cool! On Monday, I mailed out bound copies of Betrayed to a few authors, hoping they’d like the book enough to endorse it. (With permission of said authors first, of course. I can’t think of a better way to get a bad blurb than to just dump books on an unsuspecting, overwhelmed anyway author.)

So, here is the very first endorsement of Betrayed! I am so tickled.

Jamie Leigh Hansen’s Betrayed is fresh, original, and compelling, with a to-die-for (literally!) hero, a strong, believable heroine, and a fascinating villain. [Betrayed] kept me up until waaay past my bedtime reading last night. (I didn’t plan on finishing it–I just had too many pages left to go–but there was no way I could put it down.) I can’t wait to read more!

— Jenna Black

Author of:
Watchers in the Night – out now
Secrets in the Shadows – 5/07
Shadows on the Soul – 9/07
The Devil Inside – 12/07

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