Thank YOU!!

First, really great news. I’d like to thank God for helping my daughter and our family yesterday as she had her 7th surgery in the last 39 months. I can’t fully count this year or the first year since she was diagnosed at the end of November, so I counted months. :) It’s been a long trip, watching her grow and change. She’s learned to accept responsibility and gather her own strength to get her through the most trying of times.

She was so calm yesterday!! I think that may be why I cried a little as she was wheeled away. She’d begun to cry for the first time all day. (Except for the rubber band incident. :) ) Usually we’re in calm-her-down mode and that keeps us tense and prepared to deal with tears. I don’t cry those days, working harder to keep her from crying. (Not because it denotes weakness, but because she can work herself into a panic that makes the whole day much more stressful on everyone than it really needs to be. Seriously, if you don’t have to, why go there?) Also, tears cause congestion and get the glands going and combining anesthesia–that’s just bad.

But, yesterday, she played and giggled and told us to leave her alone-she was reading. I owe a huge thank you to Michele Bardsley, author of I’m the Vampire, That’s Why. She kept her distracted and happy and laughing on an extremely stressful day. There’s really no bigger compliment to an author, I think.


We’re home now and she’s not in pain. The really good thing about brain surgery, once you’re inside the skin and skull, there are no pain receptors. Other than the air they blow in to push scar tissue and stuff away from the catheter so they can drain the cyst, she doesn’t feel pain. The air, however, gives her a horrible headache for quite a while.

Now it’s all good and we’re getting back to life as normal. :)

So, for the last few hours, I’ve been friending people from one My Space account to another. will host all the news about my up and coming book and the other one will be for family. No need to make everyone cry because they can’t fly to Spokane for all the BBQs we’ll be having this summer. LOL

Thank you to everyone for being so patient and helpful.

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Now, I’m off to read Howling Moon. :) I love it. In the hospital, I finished Dangerous Games by Lora Leigh. Very distracting. LOL And HOT beyond the telling of it!!

2 comments to “Thank YOU!!”

  1. Michele Bardsley
     · March 2nd, 2007 at 10:30 pm · Link

    Jamie, I am in AWE. I am so glad that I’M THE VAMPIRE, THAT’S WHY gave your daughter joy as she deals with such a heavy burden. NOTHING could’ve made me feel better about writing that book than knowing my work made her laugh. I wish you, and her, and your family the very, very best!

    Would she like an autographed galley of DON’T TALK BACK TO YOUR VAMPIRE? It doesn’t come out until July, so she’d get to read it four months before anyone else. LOL.

    Let me know. And thanks for dropping me a line!

    Michele :-)

  2. Jamie
     · March 5th, 2007 at 10:14 am · Link

    I’m very happy to spread the joy! :) From her reactions, I know you deserve every compliment. I can’t wait to read it myself. I will email you about the rest. :) In short, though, she’s learning what it means to have to wait for a new release from a favorite author. The AGONY! She loves books and is envious of my signed collection. LOL

    Thank you for all the best wishes. :)