One of those days…

Today is one of those days I really enjoy. We’re getting work done on the house, which so far means a new roof and windows. Soon it will be new siding, carpets and bathroom. *happytoecurlingsqueak*

There are two shelves full of books in my living room. They are five cubicles high and each is two cubicles wide. Cubicles that are a little wider and taller than one sq. ft. I organized them this week. All the household binders on bottom in 2 cubes. The other two hold all our hard backs except the Harry Potter set. We really don’t buy many hard backs. The next row up has two cubes of biblical/religious books, 1 cube of self help/general knowledge/history books (Yes, this section could grow) and the final cube holds health-related exercise and cancer books and some of my writing books. I know there are more of those around here somewhere.

The middle row has stacks of romance books all the way across. The row above that has two cubes of romance, 1 cube of all Christine Feehan and is finished with one half-empty cube of Laurell K. Hamilton. Half-empty because I loaned them out to my daughter’s mother and best friend. Soon, I’ll get them back and it will be full. I love it. I very nearly had no room for my faves because I’d alphebetized the rest first.

But!! The best part is my cube that has left to right hearts and feathers! I don’t have all the Tor Romances, but I cleaned at least one store out of them and can’t wait to finish the rest. :)

Now, the top row of four cubes, I very kindly and generously left for my husband’s fantasy books. :) Aren’t I a sweet wife?

If he discovers the extra two stacks I added to my TBR pile, I may be a dead wife. LOL

Right now, the door is open and the chilly half winter/half spring air is blowing through the house. Our dragon incense burner is blowing Ginger Lemon Meringe candle scent with the Rasberry Thyme simmer scent through the house. Makes for a nice spice and fruit scent.

Craig is fixing the wood flooring in the hallway and classic and 80’s rock is sounding along with hammering and pounding.

It’s a lively, energetic atmosphere. My fave. :) Have a good day. I’m off to work.

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