X-Men 3 and Will Power

So who knew a DVR could cut off *6* times in the course of 1 single movie? Add in two potty breaks and it’s amazing I retained any of the movie at all. That’s okay. It was clearly a filler movie where they needed all these huge things to happen so the next movie starts off with a bang.

Or that’s my secret wish, anyway. I have stayed away from spoilers, reviews and anything of the like. So, I’m an open mind. lol But seriously, how could they possibly end with three major characters dead, Magneto’s powers stolen, Mystique not blue and Rogue powerless before she’s even met Miss Marvel? Not possible.

So, filler. But, why did they need it? They had excellent potential with Jean all Dark Pheonix and Logan and Scott in love with her. The cure angle was interesting, though I wonder how the little boy is assimilating into life at school when no one around him can use their powers. That’s gotta create friction.

I sound as if I’ve got all kinds of free time to wonder these things. Actually, I’m taking a break. I woke up at 3:30 am and worked for four hours until it was time to get my kid to school. Thus, break time for me now. :)

I’ve been thinking a lot about will power and goals lately. When I first started writing, I heard all the admonishments to forget the laundry and dishes and WRITE. Yeah, that didn’t work. Tried it, though. The problem wasn’t finding time to write, it was using the time I had. It was actually typing something other than emails and staring blankly at a screen that I needed to work on.

A few years passed where I took writing workshops, read writing books and emails, analyzed every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and somehow managed to write a manuscript. Very slow progress, though, especially when my obsessive-compulsive side would look at other writers turning out four manuscripts a year and here I was struggling over fifteen pages a week.

Somehow, somewhere between that time and now, I sit on my laptop for hours a day doing something writing related, but mostly actually writing. I get up at 3 in the morning, or go to bed at 3, depends on the day and our schedule. I read research books in the van as I wait for Craig to run in and out of places and when I need a break…

I play Sims 2. I create characters, name them, analyze their physical characteristics, put my author logo on cool black workout outfits, create bios and neighborhoods…like the neighborhood that currently houses my series. I built the main buildings for the first 3 books and if my laptop were a little faster I’d do more.

It was such a slow, gradual shift of focus that brought me to the point I’m at. And many days, it took one word at a time.

And my therapists wonder why I’m not selfish with my therapy. Because I’m selfish with my writing. Maybe in a few years, I’ll be really dedicated to working out. Or not. Maybe I’ll just watch my sims do it.

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