The Sims 2

The most evil game ever. Of course, I say that as only the most sincere fan can. :) I have spent way too much time downloading freebies to enhance the game. You know, new clothes, skins, colors for walls and floors, objects galore.

Now, we all know I’m doing this for our daughter. (Quit coughing, Craig.) I adore the little chipmunk. I’d do anything for her. She spends hours and hours on the game, finally making her own neighborhood because I wouldn’t let her cheat on the one we share. She’s gonna be so thrilled when she sees some of the fairytale and Alice in Wonderland themed sets I found. :)

In the meantime, I’m downloading and organizing thousands of files and all my dh can say with that oh-so-polite manly tone is, “This is all fascinating, really, but when are you actually going to work?”

Well, I vacationed his way and nearly drowned, oops, haven’t told you about that yet, now I’m vacationing my way. All Sim-ulated reality. Which is why the game is evil, I tell you. Now, if someone makes a Matrix theme, I’m just gonna be scared. LOL

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