Here are some pictures of where I spent the weekend. Our friends held the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen, and they couldn’t have picked a better location than Ruby Creek Lodge in Cusick, Washington. Lots of mountains and clear, blue water and pine trees.

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Nothing like having a few drinks with your friends while you all sit around a bonfire and visit. Or, to be more accurate, being the only one completely sober, or, at least, as sober as I ever seem, and watching the antics of friends who have a rare chance to sit back and relax and reminisce. I learned so many hilarious things about Marine Corps boot camp this weekend. :) I have to say though, I still maintain coffee is an acceptable drink for Three-Man when someone begins every day uncoordinated and with slurred speech anyway. We didn’t have to spike it with Vodka, Andy. LOL It tasted good though. :) No wonder you’re the bartender. (Although, to be fair, by the time we played, the field was pretty level, or tilted, for everyone. LOL)

All said, everything was gorgeous. Even with the pastor a half hour late. LOL Craig still wishes he would have been later so Craig could get ordained online and marry you two. It might have sparked a whole new career for him. But the pastor was prepared and the service he led was graceful. The bridesmaids were gorgeous in flowing, cool skirts and slip tops. Only the poor groomsmen were ready to melt, but they looked so handsome in their tuxes with the dark lilac vests and ties. And they all looked so broad-shouldered, like a team of line-backers.
I know there were several people who liked the toast I gave, but me being me, I worked on it from six in the morning to around 4, when I actually gave it and I would like the better sounding, written version to go on record. I love being able to revise. It’s just too bad I can’t do it while talking. :) Here’s the toast as it should have been:


“We’ve all heard that marriage is just a piece of paper. An institution. A prison. :) And we all know I, especially, disagree with that statement. [versus the slightly tipsy version I actually said… and we all agree, er, duh, know that I disagree. I knew those 3 sips of wine and 4 sips of champagne would get me. LOL] Marriage is reaching over in the middle of the night and knowing you’re not alone. You made promises to love, honor, cherish and comfort each other, in sickness and in health. [And omitting the “for richer or poorer” from your vows really threw me off. Hmmm. What are you two trying to say? LOL] And you made those promises before all your closest friends and family. You know, the ones who’ll never let you live it down if you go back on your word. How are we going to trust you again if you do that? :)

Marriage is keeping those promises and facing life, both good and bad, every minute of every day, with the knowledge that your are doing it together. Someone has your back at all times.
That piece of paper, however, gets lost in a box or file until the day when you have to search it out for a passport or new Social Security card or something. It’s not the paper that defines the meaning of your marriage. The respect and honor that you give to it do that.

And again, as I said then, I wish your marriage to be the best.”

Man, that was wordy. No wonder I tripped up. :)

Thank you both for the wonderful weekend, the relaxation in a beautiful setting and most of all, the laughter.

More Pics of the beautiful bride and handsome groom. :)

rl4.jpg rl5.jpg rl6.jpg

               Roger and Lucia
June 24, 2006


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