Interviews in International Languages

Thanks to BabelFAmily and these translators, my interview with Michell Spoden and the Recovering Self is in multiple languages!

Interviewer – Michell Spoden

Translator – Miguel-A Cibrián Dehesa

Translator – Barbara Carrara

Translator – Fátima d’ Oliveira


Stay tuned for updates!

Interviews: Rebecca Stant and Sarah Allen!

The following two links are the interviews of Rebecca Stant and Sarah Allen now also on BabelFAmily where they will each be translated into 8 languages by BabelFAmily’s amazing team of translators. :)

Rebecca Stant –

Sarah Allen –

I will post links to each new interview as more of our authors join the discussion on The Legacy of Marie Schlau and Friedreich’s Ataxia in this inspirational series thanks to Michell Spoden and The Recovering Self blog.

Language Isn’t A Boundary!

The interview I did for The Recovering Self is now on . I will be so excited to see this interview translated to several other languages. Anything to raise awareness of Friedreich’s Ataxia and The Legacy of Marie Schlau!
BabelFAmily. Org

Meet the Authors of The Legacy of Marie Schlau!

The wonderfully dedicated and persistent Michell Spoden of The Recovering Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing blog, is releasing a series of interviews with the authors of The Legacy of Marie Schlau. This book has been written by 17 writers from around the globe, diagnosed with or otherwise affected by Friedreich’s Ataxia, across several languages and is destined to be translated into many more.

The International Project to Fight Friedreich’s Ataxia is supported and produced with the invaluable aid of


Our project is currently available in Spanish as El Legado De Marie Schlau. This can be bought at Amazon!



The English version is currently being edited and formatted. The Legacy of Marie Schlau will be available by Christmas.

To read more about the story and its authors, check out these interviews:

Jamie Leigh Hansen

Rebecca Stant

And stay in tune for several more in the series! Remember, Friedreich’s Ataxia is a progressive, debilitating, and often fatal disease with no treatment or cure. All proceeds go directly to raising funds for research.

Anything you do to share, +, tweet, like, blog or simply talk about this project will raise awareness and be incredibly helpful.

Thank you for your support!


Spam Email – Absolutely Hilarious

Spam is not always a time suck. Checking it is something I realized was important when I nearly missed an email inviting me to write a story for an anthology. The invitation was direct from an editor and was miraculously legit.

And today provided a great reason to laugh. I received this from “PayPal”. I know, it’s boring to read the small print, but that’s totally where the joke is.

Dear Member Please read the updates to the PayPal User Agreement View Online
Notice of changes to the PayPal User AgreementHello Dear,

We’re constantly working to make PayPal safer, simpler and more convenient for our customers.
This means that we have to make changes to the terms of our User Agreement.
To make sure you are always informed we already posted recent updates on our website.

What should I do ?

  • Click here  ,and sing in to your paypal account , update your account informations
  • Please read the Policy Update carefully. It contains important legal informations about when and how the changes to our User Agreement will become effective.
  • If you agree to the changes, you don’t need to do anything as any updates will automatically come into effect. If you do not wish to accept the changes, we’ve also provided you with the steps you can take on the Policy Update page.

Please note that the current User Agreement will apply until these changes take effect.

Yours sincerely,

Help Contact Security
How do I know this is not a fake email? An email really coming from PayPal will address you by your first and last names or your business name. It will not ask you for sensitive information like your password, bank account or credit card details. Most fake emails threaten that your account will be in jeopardy if you do not take action immediately. An email that urgently requests you to supply sensitive personal information is usually an attempt at fraud. Also, fake emails often contain misspellings and grammatical errors or are written in a language which you did not set as preferred for your PayPal account. Remember not to click any links in suspicious looking emails.

Click here to learn how to defend yourself against phishing and spoofing.

Copyright © 1999-2014 PayPal. All rights reserved. PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., Société en Commandite par Actions. Registered office: 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449, Luxembourg, R.C.S. Luxembourg B 118 349.
Death Is Becoming is #32 & #78 on Amazon’s Top 100 Free Kindle Books!

For the past few weeks, this story I wrote to raise Childhood Cancer Awareness has zoomed up the charts at Amazon. Maintaining both a 30’s and 70’s ranking on Amazon’s Top 100 Free Bestsellers list! Today, me are at #32 and #78. :)


This Halloween, college girl, Erin Kowalkski, battles cancer once again. But this time, she has questions and she’s dying to know the answers. What will her dreams and aspirations, all she’s learned, felt and experienced, amount to when she’s gone? What will she become? 

Guided by a hot new patient and chased by a menacing wraith, Erin learns more about life and death than she’d ever imagined. 

This story is so near and dear to my heart and I am incredibly happy to witness its success!

How to Google Calendar

Happy New Year!

All families are busy. Sometimes, even just one person is so busy that keeping track of each project/class/appointment/event/holiday/birthday etc. gets incredibly overwhelming. For a few years, my husband (the only driver in our household) carried a planner and multiple colored pens to color code for each of us. In addition, we put a large desk pad/calendar on our living room wall and color coded the large squares every month.

As anyone who’s ever scheduled a doctor’s appointment knows, having only one month visible at a time is inconvenient. Then there’s the difficulty of coordinating multiple paper calendars and planners. We ended up double and triple booked quite often.

Now so many people have smartphones and tablets that carrying a paper planner is just one more thing to fill your hands with. Add in a family of four, each with events to track and everyone needs to know where the others have to be at any given time and waiting to update the paper calendar in the kitchen leaves far too much room for error.

The solution I have found for our family involves an Android device, a computer and a Google account. How this translates to Apple products, I can’t tell you.

Most android phones are linked to Google for backup on their apps and such, but not everyone uses this. For the purposes of this how-to, you need a Google account.

When we get a Samsung phone, the My Calendar app would not automatically coordinate with Google. It wants to use Samsung Kies. On my computer, I can see my calendar on a larger screen, but I didn’t want to have to sign in to Samsung to do so. I do not enjoy signing into multiple platforms for things. So I went to Google Play Store on my phone and downloaded the Google calendar app. The Google and default icons are similar, but different colors. Blue and Green. Make sure you use the Google one or your calendars won’t sync. On my phone, the Google map is green. On the computer, it’s blue. Confusing.

Link to Google Calendar:

Our computer, tablet and phones are synced together. Out of the many schedule apps available, I’m not sure of any that syncs across devices for free and works this well. I see hubby’s work schedule, even if it’s changed in the last half hour, and he will see new appointments I’ve made and they sync almost immediately.

On your computer:

  1. Sign in to Gmail.
  2. Click on the app grid. It is a small, square icon of 9 tiny white squares, 3×3, at the very top of the page, next to your profile picture where you sign in and out.
  3. A menu drops down and you can choose maps, Google +, etc. Click on Calendar. A new window tab opens so you can click between email and calendar if you want.
  4. Looking at the calendar, I start with a Month view. To the right of the view options, there is a gear symbol for Settings. Click on the arrow of that icon and choose Settings.
  5. Under Calendar Settings, there are four tabs: General, Calendars, Mobile Setup, Labs. Click on Calendars.
  6. It might seem obvious to create a calendar that simply says “Hansen” family. If you don’t care about color-coding or keeping track of multiple people and projects, then maybe that’s good enough for you. For us, it would overwhelm our calendar with no way to separate and prioritize. So, I created multiple calendars. Hubby’s work schedule, my RWA meeting and writing events, a calendar for each of our medical appointments, etc. The same for the kids. Our daughter is now in college and only has herself to manage, but she has to keep medical appts and classes, field trips, extracurricular activities, paper due dates and holiday times all coordinated. So she uses multiple calendars also. The extra benefit is you can view all calendars together at once, each one a color, or you can simplify and eliminate the view of all but one and view only birthdays or work or doctors.
  7. On the Calendar page, click the Create New Calendar box. Fill out the title and other options, then click Create Calendar. You will return to the Month view of the calendar.
  8. On the left of the calendar, under My calendar, will be the list of calendars you’ve created. At the end of the title for each calendar is an arrow with a drop down menu. This is where you can choose a color, even customize it. The colors do not translate precisely from device to device, so instead of shades of one color, I suggest using vividly opposing colors where possible.
  9. Fill in a handful of events by clicking on a day. Add the time and specifics of the event: which job, which doctor, which paper is due. Then, key move, select the proper calendar for that event. It is now color coded.

On your phone:

  1. Click on the Google calendar app.
  2. Sign in with your Google account information.
  3. In Settings, choose the calendars you want to see.
  4. Click Save.
  5. All of your calendars should then be synced.

You may have to click refresh a few times or troubleshoot a few minor hiccups, but these steps should get you there. Now you can add an event from your phone, tablet or laptop and they will all sync to show the same information.

One particular hiccup to avoid involves double-checking the time zone on the calendar app. Hubby’s was set to Hong Kong and suddenly all of his work times changed. You can imagine the frustration. LOL

Happy New Year!

30 Days of Christmas at Sunlight Sucks!

My dear friend Lex Valentine of Winterheart Design is hosting the 30 Days of Christmas at her blog, Sunlight Sucks. #FreeBooks from amazing authors every day until Christmas! Today, enter to win a copy of one of these great books!

ridethelightning-250 Shadows-Edge-Cover

cw_darkmoon_lg Betrayed ebook cover

Betrayed (Nephilim Book One) Available as an ebook!


Betrayed is now available for 4.99 at the following ebook retailers:

Barnes & Noble

I am thrilled to announce Betrayed is available as an ebook and has an all new, eye-catching cover! I absolutely fell in love with this as soon as my designer, Gabrielle Prendergast of Cover Your Dreams, showed it to me. Every view of it has only gotten better.

As my debut novel, Betrayed holds a very special place in my heart. It has received some of the best author quotes ever, like:

“BETRAYED is a passionate debut by an author of remarkable talent and maturity of style. Lyrical prose spins a tale that is intelligent and unflinching, enthralling and richly imagined. I loved it! It’s a gorgeous, lush, and compelling novel. If you try just one debut this year, make it Jamie Leigh Hansen’s. You will be grateful to have ‘discovered’ her from the first.”
Sylvia Day, #1 New York Times & #1 International Bestselling Author

“Betrayed is an exciting escape into a fascinating worldCover) of fallen angels and an intense and timeless love story. Jamie Hansen is a fresh new voice in paranormal romance.”
Christine Feehan, # 1New York Times Bestselling Author

“Enter a world of magic, chance and love everlasting!”
Gena Showalter, New York Times Bestselling Author

“With intense emotion and thrilling action, Hansen grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until the very end . . . and even then you want more!”
Caridad Piñeiro , New York Times Bestselling Author

And online reviews such as:

4 Stars HOT
“Undying love and the need for redemption fuel the characters’ fire in this star-crossed-lovers drama. The story moves between past events that led to this tragic scenario and the present. In this gripping novel, true love may be eternal, but it might take supernatural interference to get to a satisfactory conclusion.”
– Jill M. Smith, Reviewer for Romantic Times Book Reviews

“[Jamie Leigh Hansen’s] writing style and plot lines are extremely engaging and I want more of them. There are many characters deserving of their own books and I’m sure that Ms. Hansen has the perfect stories line up.”
– Stacy Cooper, Reviewer for

“Jamie Leigh Hansen is a bright new star in the world of paranormal romance!”
– Audrey Sharpe, Reviewer for

But don’t take their word for it. Go check it out for yourself! :)

Celebrate the 12 Days of Halloween with Danielle Monsch!


12 Days of Halloween

 From about mid-October until Christmas was always a magical and much anticipated time when I was young.

Probably not an uncommon statement from a kid. My mom should have been a party planner, because our house was always decked out for the season. We were the house that people do that double-take with, because looking only once wasn’t enough to take it all in.

Mom’s favorite holiday was Halloween. Since I’m a fantasy/paranormal writer, it’s safe to say that rubbed off on me, and with kids of my own, I enjoy Halloween in a completely new way, with my kids excitement about dressing up and their enjoyment in the *fun* scares.

While her favorite might have been Halloween, Mom excelled in overall holiday planning. My mom was a generous lady. She never liked cooking, but she loved to bake the holiday pies and cookies and other goodies that come with the season, and everyone who knew us came away during the holiday season with loads of culinary delights. If you ask me to name my favorite food ever, it would have to be Mom’s pumpkin pie.

It’s probably because this time was usually so joyous that one memory sits there, lumpy and misshapen and not a fit with the rest.

Don’t ask me how old I was, but I came down the stairs one night – going to get some water I think – and Mom was on the couch, staring at the Christmas tree. The packages weren’t under the tree yet, which was odd since Mom tended to put them under as soon as the tree went up (Mom is not a last minute shopper – in fact, I’m pretty sure her shopping is done in July.) Now I haven’t believed in Santa ever, so it was no question in my mind about who presents come from.

What set this memory in my mind so sharply was my mother’s face the few moments before she realized I was in the room. At the time I didn’t have the words or the emotional knowledge to name what emotions were in play. All I knew was it wasn’t good.

Several years later we were talking, and in the way of conversations everywhere, somehow that night came up, and I asked Mom what was going on.

She confided that when I saw her, the reality of our situation was none of us kids were going to get Christmas presents. It had been a bad year with lots of doctor bills and not as much work as they hoped to get. Maybe they would be able to get a practical clothing item, but certainly nothing beyond that. Then she told me that a couple days after I saw her that night, her uncle heard about our situation. Without her or my dad asking, he went out and got presents for us kids and told her that it was his early Christmas gift to her and he would not accept any money or repayment.

Mom told me she cried while she wrapped them. She told me it was the best gift she’d ever gotten.

While my childhood would never fit in a Dickinson narrative, there were a few years there where we did with minimal, so hearing after-the-fact that no presents was a possibility didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was the lurch in my chest at the thought of it as a near reality. That didn’t make sense – after all, we were several years past by then, and I was a grown person who understood economic realities.

That lurch, though, was real. And as time has marched on, I think I understand the reason for it, just like now that I’m a mother I understand the look on my mother’s face that night. The holidays were a safe and sacred time. The rest of the year – okay, it’s life, and life happened. But in my memory, the holidays were apart from that, not touched with the ickiness that could happen at other times.

If I didn’t get presents that year, I think that safety and warmth that the holidays (or the thought of) always caused would have disappeared. I wouldn’t have had that protective bubble anymore that helped get me through bad times, and the loss of that would have been a greater tragedy than not getting a doll under the tree.

So while Toys for Tots was not responsible for me getting presents that year, I recognize in a deep and personal way the very good work they are doing.

Toys for Tots is my favorite holiday charity. There are many excellent charities I celebrate and give to, but this time of year my thoughts and my wishes are for the kids who are not in the best circumstances and are in danger of not having a gift under their own tree. It’s not the material item that matters (though it’s always nice to get a great gift, right?) What I never want them to lose is that safe warmth that should categorize the holidays, a warmth that sometimes might be the only thing that gets them through the rest of the year.

Which leads me to the 12 Days of Halloween!

12 Days of Halloween is my (and many other excellent authors) way of having a great time and celebrating the beginning of this wondrous time of year – with giveaways and gifts and raising money for Toys for Tots!

What is involved?StoneGuardian800

First! My novel, Stone Guardian , is on a very special sale. From now until Halloween, it is half-off with part of the proceeds going to Toys for Tots! So you get a book for cheaper than usual, and a chunk of the money will be going to an amazing cause! Huzzah!

And on the other side, I’ll be sharing lots of giveaways! Ebooks (donated by many generous authors) gift cards, swag sets, a Coach (!) bag, and finally…

apple-ipad-mini-2An iPad Mini!

Yes, you read that right – an iPad mini with a special Entwined Realms designed cover set is the grand prize.

So if you are interested, please keep up with me at twitter, facebook or my blog with all the ways to win.

Let’s celebrate the beginning to this great time of year, have a great party, maybe win some stuff, and most important of all – support Toys for Tots and make sure they can help a lot of kids this year!