About Jamie


Multi-published romance author Jamie Leigh Hansen, is best known for dramatic, heart-felt stories with intense emotion and engaging, unforgettable characters.

“One summer, when my brother and I were much younger than we are now, our grandmother took us to the library. I came home with a career aptitude test, my idea of fun reading when I was twelve. My brother still teases me about that. But from that test, I learned I was suited for three careers. Editor, Agent or Writer. It was like getting permission to do something I’d only imagined before. My mind zeroed in on writer and never segued.

“I love dramatic, heart-felt stories. I love mixing the magic and wonder of an anything-can-happen kind of world with the daily lives we all struggle with. It adds a sense of hope and adventure to whatever we’re dealing with, be it health, financial or personal problems. Taking a break from the everyday grind to think positively and see a possibility that something will good happen to you soon is what keeps people going even in times of great struggle.

Since my elementary librarian showed me classics like The Secret Garden and The Little Princess, I’ve loved romantic tales of hardship and hope. Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys were the next stop on my reading journey, but when it took too long for Nancy and Tom to talk about their relationship, or even kiss, I discovered where my real interests lie.

Ever since, I’ve been a fan of romance—every form, from contemporary to historical, everyday to paranormal, sweet to hot, it’s the relationship that draws me the most. It’s what makes me want to write, to show love in all its forms and create a feeling for all my readers that this kind of happiness really can be found. Your soul mate really is out there somewhere.”

In college, I visited a writer’s group and was amazed to learn there was an entire organization devoted to writing my favorite fiction: romance. I began devouring writing books and learning as much about the publishing industry as I could. At the same time, my girls were hitting their teens and paranormal stories became more than just an occasional interest.

I have since published two paranormal romance novels and a short story, with several more on the way. I am now branching into an amazing project with BabelFAmily, the International Literary Project to Fight Friedreich’s Ataxia.

After moving around most of my life, I settled in Spokane, Washington with the love of my life, two gorgeous daughters, three neurotic cats and a medium-haired Chihuahua. Busy, crazy, struggling, I’ve learned to fill life full of what matters most: God, Family, Friends and Creativity. And I love to hear from fans at
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